Member Services

We treat your customers like you do.  We help you provide the highest quality customer service to your members.

We work with you to establish the right frequency of phone calls emails and letters in order to best help your membership base keep their balances current.

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Our collections results are typically as follows:

1) On an amount basis, we generally collect about 90% to 95% of amounts billed given 90 days to collect.

2) On an account basis, our collections efforts normally yield:

  • 88% success ratio on initial attempt.
  • Collect 93% of accounts within 30 days of the initial attempt.
  • Collect 97% of accounts within 60 days of the initial attempt.
  • Collect 98% of accounts within 90 days of the initial attempt.

Note: discrepancy between % collected on amount basis vs account basis is related to higher average balances owed for accounts that are being written off compared to current accounts.